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Anyone remember Burt Coley’s fishing shop?

Anyone remember the 1950s school of ballet and tap dancing above the shops?

Anyone remember the 1970s Harrison family?

Anyone remember Blakes Radio & TV shop from the 1950s?

Cliff Fleetwood writes… Here are some further anecdotes about the Kings Norton Scouts. With all the current concern about knives and crime recently, in my days with KN Scouts your status was measured by the size of your sheath knife or two, if you were lucky, that you wore on your belt. Sometimes that belt was […]

Anyone know the history of the old neighbourhood office building?

Anyone remember the coal merchant on Frances Road?

Anyone remember a carpet shop around 1726 Pershore Road?

Anyone remember the wartime day nursery opposite the fire station?

Photo of 1924 school sports day

Bill Meredith, won the Albert Medal in WWI, then worked as Cotteridge postman

Anyone remember Albert Trapp, 1960s binman?

Anyone know anything about the war honours board in the school library?

Are there any famous people associated with Cotteridge

Anyone know of Charles Chadwick cycles around 1900?

Anyone remember the 1st KN Scout Troup from the war years?

Anyone know of Suzanne Stokes, Breedon Cross cleaner in 1976?

1960s and 70s park football team

Carol writes: does anyone know what happened to number 1 Baldwin Road, Kings Norton? This the first house is number 3 and there is an area of open land along side it where I assume number 1 would have stood?

Rachel writes… I’m looking for info about a man called Clifton Peter Scott-Riddle who married my late Grandma Ivy Lee in March 1939.  He then disappeared and it transpired that he was a bigamist. Grandma gave birth to my father in Dec 1939 so this man is my grandfather. She lived with her parents in Beaumont Road […]

Any knowledge of what was known as “Park Hill, Kings Norton” in 1861?

Lynn writes: My daughter has recently moved to live at 76 Ashmore Road. I have tried to find out who was living in her house in 1911 but with no luck. The last house on the 1911 Census seems to be 60 Ashmore Road and then Midland Road is the next address. Can anyone help?

Anyone remember the accidental draining of the canal in the 60s?

I attended Cotteridge School from 1948. I had a week at Bournville School on the Green and made such a fuss as they made us have a lie down in the afternoon. I did not want to lie down. I remember the rocking horsein the windows which was still there many years later. My first […]

Any details on this building opposite the old Breedon?

Any info on the RJ Hunt foundry?

Facebook group of nearby suburbs

David Turner writes… I am looking for information on the Field family name. My grandmother’s maiden name was Field. She along with my grandfather are buried in Kings Norton church cemetry. The grave is directly in front of a headstone of a Field damily dating back to 1754. Too much of a coincidence? Is anyone […]

Anyone remember this long-time Pershore Road shop?

Any information on LE Worrall chemists?

Graham writes: Hi, love the site. I was born and raised in Birmingham. Lived in Ashmore Rd for over 20 years, I just wondered if you had any photos or info on Roger Page’s cycle shop. I loved this shop when I was growing up and in my early cycling days. I’m now a father […]

Postcards from 1910 and 1913 compared to today’s view

The pictures below come from the great new book, Cotteridge Through Time, by Wendy Pearson. Thanks to her for the images. The book is available on Amazon via this link.

Seeking contact details for special needs boarding house

Photo of horse and cart outside the Francis Road ‘bottom shop’

Cotteridge Through Time, by local author Wendy Pearson, is a great new book, first published in 2011. It features 96 pages, each with two pictures: a historic photograph, alongside the same view in the present day. Each scene comes with a detailed caption and description. Themes include industry, transport, education, retail and leisure. It’s a […]

Anyone know anything about this?

School from 1945-51

Bev writes… I am looking for any information, photos etc of my husbands family. His father was Stanley Newton who was married to Peggy Newton, nee Richards, until her death in 1967. He then married a lady called Frances. I have two sons and we have no photos or information about their father’s family. We are […]

Anyone know Mary Teresa (Tess) Johnson?

Anyone know Kathleen and Charlie Butler?

Photos of teachers and pupils in the 1900s

Margaret Glover writes: What wonderful memories this website brought back! I lived at a cottage, number 8 Camp Lane, Kings Norton, from 1939 to late 1960, with my brothers Bobby, David, Kenney and sister Rita, plus my parents Bob and Cecilea. I belive the site is now a nursery. I rember the Camp Inn right […]

Peter writes: I was wracking my brain to remember the name of the very large site exhibiting and selling second-hand furniture, bric-a-brac, books etc in Cotteridge. It was a favourite haunt of mine when I was a scholar at Kings Norton Grammar School for Boys 1949-1955. The shop was Treasure Trove. Peter writes back: I […]

Houses between the Breedon bridge and Fordhouse Lane

More 1940s and 50s childhood scrapes

Anyone remember Outer Limits comic shop in 1970s Stirchley?

Two questions about Kings Norton in the 1970s

Another memory that was jogged is in the picture of a tram shown in the post Pershore Road trams. The second picture shows exactly the same spot of a terrible accident, in snowy weather on a Sunday afternoon in about 1947, involving a Midland Red bus, a tram, and a private car. There were also double deck […]

Rumours of secret tunnels underneath KN church

High House was a large gentleman’s residence that was built in the mid eighteenth century. Later, outbuildings were constructed to the north of High House which catered for the maintenance and repair of the wagons and coaches in use at the time. The largest of these outbuildings occupied a greater area than the main house, […]

Lived at 1 Rowheath Road, married to Elizabeth Hall

Bing Maps aerial photos of Cotteridge

Great photos of Cotteridge shops in the sixties

Great photos from the fifties

Great photo from the fifties; also links to eighties pics on Flickr

Great photos of the station in the early sixties

Great photos and info from the fifties

Tour the area for yourself using Google Streetview

Names and addresses of local residents at the turn of the century

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Cotteridge and its churches before 1911 by FE Hopkins Cotteridge House This was situated between Cotteridge Road and Hudson’s Drive. It was built in the late 17th century. In 1792 it was offered for sale, described as “a compleat country villa”. It had a sixty-acre working farm, barns, stables, cowhouses, pigsties, poultry pens and a […]

Brief history For a more detailed history, see: A history of Cotteridge by Norman Staley, 1983. Cotteridge and its churches before 1911 by FE Hopkins. Or see here for maps of Cotteridge development over the years. In 1317 there is a reference to a Hugh de Cotterug living in Kings Norton. Probably it was land […]

Some years ago, I decided to visit a relative of mine whom I had not seen since my childhood days, and today, I still wonder if I did the right thing. Writing about the parish of Cotteridge and talking to many of the local people, it is, I think natural, that some of these pages […]

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The Breedon Bar in the 1970s

Did you know this owner of a light engineering factory?